Ionised alkaline water

Alkaline and acidic water are both produced by the process of ionisation.

The process begins when filtered water passes over platinum coated titanium electrodes (plates) within the machine.

This causes the positively charged ions (calcium and magnesium) to be attracted to the negatively charged electrode resulting in water with lots of anti-oxidants and calcium (alkaline water). The catalytic action of the platinum also creates the production of short-lived negative hydrogen ions - natures' primal anti-oxidant. This water is negatively charged and has a high negative ORP (Oxidation Reaction Potential), which indicates it is electron rich i.e. more anti-oxidants. This high pH (alkaline) electron rich water provides massive amounts of calorie free anti-oxidants.

The opposite process occurs in the production of acidic water. The negatively charged ions are attracted to the positively charged electrode resulting in water with anti-microbial properties due to high levels of positively charged oxygen products. This acidic water has a lower pH value and a higher ORP and is commonly used for a variety of uses including beauty care, plant care and home care.

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