Ionised alkaline water

The IWC-7000 Water Ioniser.

Our machine has a very high specification and is 'top end', meaning it produces the highest quality of alkaline water for you to enjoy. Technical features include:

  • 7 platinum-coated titanium plates
  • Biological grade ion exchange membrane
  • Powerful dual carbon (GAC & PAC) filter system provides better tasting, pure drinking water
  • 8 modes 0 four leveles of alkaline, three levels of acidic and one purified mode
  • 5 power programs, 35 settings to adjust for varied water hardness
  • Flow rate indicator
  • One-touch, dynamic, digital display
  • Advance SMPS power supply (stronger electrolysis, cooler running, lighter design)
  • Multi-colour, full function LCD and digital display
  • High luster, high intensity, abrasion resistant, glass fibre reinforced PA front shell
  • LCD - pH level, ORP, electrolysis, water flow rate, temperature, cleaning, filter life, water level
  • Cleaning - auto reverse cleaning every fifteen minutes and at every start up and close down

Water Ioniser - the machine
Power Supply
AC220V/50HZ or AC110V/60HZ
Rated Power
Static Power
2.5L/min(under 2kgf/cm sq)
Electrolysis mode
Continuous electrolysis up to 60 min
Applicable Water Pressure
0.1 - 0.4Mpa
Electrolysis Strength (PH)
Alkaline water 4 level, acid water 3 level, PH 4-11
alkaline:00700mV, acidic:0+600mV
Filter life
1st phase - 6000L 2nd phase - 10000L
Dimension (mm)
Net weight (kg)