About Us.

John Qureshi D.O. "An exceptionally gifted Cranial Osteopath." Dr Jennifer Harper-Deacon - What's the Alternative, The Sunday Times.

John has been practising as a Registered Osteopath for sixteen years with a clinic in Berkshire and for a while at No. 1 Harley Street. He has taught at both undergraduate and post-graduate level in the UK and is a guest facilitator on clinical retreats in the Brazilian jungle.

His interest in ionised water came after seeing the transformation of a friend's health. "I could see that his eyes and skin were brighter and clearer and he was burbling with energy. I started to use it myself and was frankly staggered at the positive benefits (after the initial mild headache-type detox.) I started giving it to my patients who all noted positive effects after only one month; reported improvements included increased energy levels and many of the other beneits attributed to ionised water."

Richard Allen. Richard began his career training to be an electronic engineer and then went on to run several successful businesses. His most recent interest prior to The Ionised Water Company was at the helm of a company which raised funds for charities and schools throughout the UK.

"I then developed a keen interest in natural health after I overcame a long term illness, and decided to combine this passion with my business skills," says Richard.

"Now that I have personally experienced the amazing health benefits of ionised water, my goal is to raise awareness so that many other families and individuals can enjoy better health and well being."


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