Ionised alkaline water

Things you might like to know about ionised water.

If this is the first time you have considered using a water ioniser, you are bound to have numerous questions about the advantages of ionised water the water machine itself. We have included the most frequently asked questions below - click on the question to view the answer. If you have a question that is not included, please contact us at The Ionised Water Company and we will be happy to help you.

Q. What is ionised water?

Ionisation simply means to gain or lose an electron. Water that has been ionised becomes either alkaline water or acidic water, meaning that the pH value is either higher or lower.

Alkaline water is full of Hydroxyl ions. This is the water that we drink which has many Health Benefits as shown on our Benefits page.

Acidic water is full of Hydrogen ions. This is water that we use for beauty care, house hold cleaning and plant care.

Q. How does a water ioniser produce ionised water?

Water is run over positive and negative electrodes within the machine, which ionises the water. It is then separated into alkaline water and acidic water as it passes through membranes. The water then leaves the ioniser with charged positive and negative ions.

Q. Why should I drink ionised water?


Ionised alkaline water it is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants help the body neutralize free radicals which damage our cells and tissues causing age related illness and disease. As ionised alkaline water is a liquid antioxidant, it is easily absorbed into the body making it much more effective.

Ionised alkaline water balances the pH in the body. Our Western diet is often extremely acidic. Fizzy drinks, processed foods, tea, coffee and alcohol all add to the acid waste in our bodies that builds up over time and creates an ideal environment for diseases to thrive. Ionised alkaline water balances the pH in the body to promote health and well being.

Ionised alkaline water is much more hydrating than ordinary water. The water molecule cluster size has been reduced in ionised water to 5/6 molecules instead of 10/13 molecules found in ordinary water and is therefore absorbed more easily by the body. This smaller micro clustered water is much more hydrating than ordinary water and is extremely detoxifying.

Q. How does ionised water taste compare to tap or bottled water?

A common remark from people who taste Ionised alkaline water for the first time is that it tastes smoother, lighter and sweeter than ordinary water. This is because of the reduced molecule cluster size and shape.  It also does not bloat you or make you feel full up the way ordinary water can do if you drink a lot of it at once

Q. How long does alkaline ionised water stay ionised for?


The antioxidant (hydroxyl ions) will last approximately 18-24 hours. The Higher pH (alkaline properties) will last approximately 1-2 weeks. The smaller molecule cluster size will last approximately 1-3 months.

Q. Does ionised water have any negative effects?

No. However, to begin with some people have experienced a slight headache or flu-like systems as the body gets used to this new rejuvenating water. This is actually a good thing as it shows that your body is detoxifying. Only the alkaline water should be consumed. NEVER DRINK THE ACIDIC WATER

Q. Who should drink ionised water?

Everyone! Ionised alkaline water is great for all the family including the young and the old, human or animal. (The only exception is if you suffer from the rare condition Hypochloria).

Q. How should I start drinking ionised water?

Start out at level one (weak alkaline), drinking 1-3 glasses on the first day and then upping the amount of glasses as you go through the week. On week two carry out the same procedure as week one but at level two (medium alkaline), then week three at level three (strong alkaline) and week four at level four (ultra strong alkaline). The stronger, the better, but take your time in building up to the higher levels. The antioxidant is most powerful at the high levels and you will of course experience more benefits like increased energy and greater detoxification.

Q. How does ionised water affect sports professionals?

In an extremely positive way! Blood oxygen levels will rise and this will increase both stamina and endurance providing the muscles, tissue and organs with high amounts of oxygen. Recovery times are also reduced helping the body to return to normal function, and ionised alkaline water can also help reduce the affects of lactic acid build up.

Q. Why should I buy a water ioniser?

The Health Benefits of Ionised alkaline water are numerous, and the use of the acidic water is very effective as shown on our Benefits pages. To be able to reap the rewards from this amazing water and  take advantage of its incredible properties you really need to be able to access the water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The best way of doing this is of course to have your own ioniser in your home.

Q. Will I need a plumber to install a water ioniser?

No. The average person who has little or no plumbing experience can do this easily. Sometimes people do prefer to have a direct water supply to the machine rather than use the tap diverter we supply, and in this case it would be prudent to enlist the help of a plumber. The majority of people are more than happy to use the tap diverter. 

Q. How long will it take to install a water ioniser?

Usually about 5-10 minutes to make the machine ready, and another 10 minutes just to run water through the machine to rinse the internal filters. This only has to be done once on the first installation. Always refer to the user guide supplied with the machine for installation instructions.

Q. Will I need any additional parts to install my new water ioniser?

No. Everything you need is supplied in the box.

Q. What kind of warranty does my new water ioniser have?

All of our water ionisers come with a 5 year warranty.

Q. Why do some people get headaches or flu-like symptoms when first drinking the water?

The Ionisation process creates water molecule clusters that are reduced in size compared to ordinary water, and this makes the water much more hydrating because it flows through our cells and body tissue more easily, thus pushing toxins out of our system. It is this detoxifying effect that sometimes gives people headaches or flu-like symptoms and this is why we suggest you start slowly and increase your consumption and levels according to how you personally feel.

Q. What should I expect from drinking ionised alkaline water?

This will vary from person to person and will depend on what level strength of water you are drinking, what type of health you have and how acidic your diet is. Ionised alkaline water will provide your body with lots of antioxidants and oxygen, which will give you much more energy. It will also make your tea, coffee and juices taste better and is wonderful to cook with because it helps hydrate the food and brings out its natural flavour. Other changes in your body will be much more subtle and will take some time to see or feel the difference. This is because you will have accumulated acid waste in your system over a number of years and it will take some time to reverse it. As the body is slowly brought into balance by drinking ionised alkaline water, it will naturally begin to function more efficiently.

Q. Is it suitable for children to drink alkaline ionised water?

Absolutely yes! It naturally gives children tremendous amounts of oxygen that helps their body’s function efficiently. By having extra amounts of oxygen in our blood also naturally helps us to fight disease and build a strong immune system. Since children usually have not accumulated toxins in their bodies, they suffer none of the ill effects of detoxification such as headaches etc. Please follow our guidelines.

Q. Is there anyone who should not drink ionised water?

Anyone suffering from the rare condition Hypochloria should not drink ionised alkaline water, otherwise it can be enjoyed by all the family. Some people must start by drinking very small amounts of Ionised alkaline water and on the first level (weak alkaline). This is especially true of the elderly who have often unfortunately accumulated waste in their bodies over many years. Also do not drink ionised alkaline water for at least 45 minutes before or after taking any medication. Instead just select the purified water setting on the machine

Q. Can a person become too alkaline from drinking ionised water?

No. Your body needs to be maintained at 7.365 pH, at this rate the body’s balance can be allowed to be achieved more easily. People have been known to drink as much as 1 to 2 gallons of Ionised alkaline water every day without becoming too alkaline. One of the most common imbalances people have today that lead to health problems is that they are too acidic. Drinking ionised alkaline water will balance the pH value and help the body to function more efficiently.

Q. How do I know when the filter needs replacing?

The counter indicator o the LED front panel gives and indication of remaining filter life and will let you know when to replace the filters. Generally speaking, the filters will last about 6 months but this will obviously depend on your individual usage. All you need to do is contact us at The Ionised Water Company and we will send you out your new filters.


Q. What should be done if the machine is not used for 7 days or more?

As the machine self-cleans every time it is used there should be no issues. If you are unsure, then just run the water for say 30 seconds extra on the first use before drinking.

Q. Can only cold water be run through the machine?

YES!! Only ever run cold water throught he machine. If hot water is run through the machine it will permanently damage the internal membrane and this will invalidate your 5 year warranty.